A story of a journey in the ayers rock near alice springs australia

In our opinion, driving from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock is a road trip that everyone should have on their bucket list. You can drive there on completely sealed roads. This page gives you the quick facts and a complete driving itinerary to driving this ultimate outback road trip.

A story of a journey in the ayers rock near alice springs australia

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I had previously read a little of Blackwood and knew that about 20 tons of gold had been extracted from this relatively small area.

Most gold came from sluicing operations, some from mines, and a fair proportion from alluvial diggings. I intended to seek the gold that the miners left behind in alluvial diggings and had packed the trusty metal detector. I had not been there before and although I knew it was heavily timbered and rather steep, as it turned out I was totally unprepared for the way the day unfolded.

My off-sider, the ever dutiful and loving wife Pat, always accompanied me when I ventured close enough to Melbourne for her to enjoy the day, and as Blackwood was only about an hour from home we set off with great expectations a little before 9am.

It was a fine and sunny day when we left, but climbing into the steep country the weather turned decidedly worse and we found ourselves in a drizzling overcast and rather cold and wet situation.

I knew what Pat was thinking as she glanced at me occasionally with that "I told you so" look as I travelled on towards Blackwood.

As we approached I was looking for the tell tale signs of old diggings but none were evident from the main road.

14 Best Road Trips in Australia Mparntwe is the Arrernte word for Alice Springs.
Alice Springs Expeditions Project Gutenberg Australia gratefully acknowledges the significant contribution of Sue Asscher in preparing many of the eBooks relating to Australian Explorers, which are available from this page. This represented the first European settlement of the continent, although aborigines had already been living in Australia for tens of thousand of years.
Alice Springs Desert Park The town consists of three main establishments which provide a good variety of accommodation and services, and the nearby ghost town of Birdum is fun to explore. The historic township of Larrimah, located kilometers south of Katherine, is a pleasant stop along the Stuart Highway.
Outback Australia & Sydney Travel Deal | Tour Ayers Rock The Park is the setting for the majestic sandstone monolith of Uluru Ayers Rock and the 36 red-rock domes of the Kata Tjuta the Olgas formation. The Traditional Owners of this land, the Anangu, have lived in the region for tens of thousands of years and have a deep connection with the land.
Spend your free days exploring this international city anyway you wish.

Reaching the outskirts of Blackwood I slowed and turning off to a side road to go into the town proper. I noted that the buildings were all relatively old, well aged but were very well kept.

Opposite the pub there was a general store, decidedly a building of some historical stature with a tourist information sign prominently erected outside. Here then I thought, was an opportunity to gain the local information on gold that I lacked.

Entering the store through a low door, the bare floorboards creaked with their age under the strain of my frame, and while the proprietor was carefully placing the mail in the appropriate boxes I approached the counter.

I noted the tourist information on a nearby rack on its own away from the general products displayed at the store and to my amazement I noted a state of the art computer which was clearly attached to the internet.

A story of a journey in the ayers rock near alice springs australia

I did not expect to see such modern technology in such a small rural community. It brought to my attention my pre-conceived ideas relating to the occupant of this small country business was sadly astray.

A few seconds later I was face to face with the owner, a rather gracious and polite lady who dealt with my questions relating to gold and the history of gold and indeed the town itself with great aplomb. The information forthcoming was incredibly helpful. Not just about the location and history of gold, but the history of the inhabitants, and their trials and tribulations.

My questions must have been too deep or perhaps too long as eventually Judith, as I now knew her, suggested I speak with another local, Grace Raynor who was recognized as a local authority on the history of the town.

I dutifully arranged to meet Grace after lunch, but continued to listen intently to Judith as the rapport grew between us, the depth of knowledge and understanding of the community as a close knit entity grew more evident.

Duty called and Judith was eventually required to resume her post office duties. Pat and I took a closer look around this quaint community. I had the camera with me, and snapped a few photos of the local store, pub and the old Royal Mail Hotel.

We had intended buying a sandwich or pie for lunch but opted instead to take a closer look at the hotel, and we were glad we did. Inside, the walls were decked with memorabilia of a bygone era. Photos of The Royal Mail Hotel in all its former glory.

The old bridge, miners and other photographic reminders of a bygone era. We both settled for a pie and chips with lashings of tomato sauce. I was enjoying the atmosphere and the warmth of the open fire when Pat reminded me of the time.

Yes, Grace would be expecting us. Her house was a small cottage on a hillside in a cosy setting. The obligatory bark of a chained dog erupted as we approached and we were met at the door by a small lady, with an inviting smile and a welcoming demeanour.

As I entered this charming cottage, the large fire radiated warmth that provided a disarming atmosphere. Photos of much loved family adorned the mantle piece, framed and proudly exhibited. We were made to feel welcome and as I asked about the history of the region and of gold in particular, Grace produced a large stack of thick books, which when opened contained an incredible history of Blackwood and its inhabitants.

As I pored over these records mostly containing snippets and cuttings from the local paper the heart and soul of this place lay before me. I read intently as Pat asked a few questions. I was fascinated with what I was reading. The story of a grave in the local cemetery, with the simple inscription which simply reads, "Little Doaty's Grave".Re: Trip to Alice Spring and Ayers Rock 29 Jul , AM I would derinitely encourage you to spend some time in Alice Springs, doing some of the items mentioned in the post above.

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Exploration Time Line--Australian land and sea exploration. [For Antartcic Exploration see the entries at the end of the Time Line]. This time line contains links to many ebooks created from the journals and first hand accounts written by Australian land and sea explorers.

The Dead Rock Stars Club, an extensive list of dead rock stars and people related to rock, when and how they died with links to sites about them - In our opinion, driving from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock is a road trip that everyone should have on their bucket list. It’s the ultimate outback trip that opens your eyes to the incredible diversity of the outback’s landscapes.

Brisbane is the glittering northern city, the jewel in Queensland’s crown. Australia’s third largest city is emerging as creative, inspired and thoughtful, focusing on quality food, culture and outdoor living.

EMILY CLIMBS by L. M. Montgomery (Lucy Maud), Contents. Writing Herself Out. Salad Days. In the Watches of the Night "As Ithers See Us".

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