About how much money do you

You may be able to day trade other global markets without this account minimum. With smaller accounts than this, commissions and fees will significantly erode or erase profits made.

About how much money do you

January 28, at 8: So, you just keep us online for ages buying next to nothing. People today are jobless, homeless,foodless,coatless, and ashamed to ask for help. If you are interested in giving the money to someone who wants to help the most people we can as long as we live.

There are people who need help so bad. If I am your contest winner, I would do all I can for those in need and would give you a report on those helped. That is all I have to say. February 13, at 8: If you max it out, and chose a good mutual fund, then you could see yourself coming to a million if you start early in life.

If you Google a roth ira calculator and see what happens to a person who invests just a month from age 25 to 67, assuming you will get about 8 percent, which really is obtainable my Roth Ira just paid out If you live in a state like I do, Florida, where your Roth is exempt from creditors, you got some protection.

Not unless you have over a million. You could even have a ten million dollar home here in Florida and your creditors cannot take your home. Small price to pay to know that nobody can rip you off!

April 11, at 7: Getting ready to revalue this currancey its going to be high. Most of these people have more than you think. They end up with more money than working a full week.

April 25, at 4: Instead of asking such mundane and materialistic questionyou should be busy finding out how to be happy without material things!

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Money is the rule of all evil my friend, a person is empty if only strives and seeks money. May 25, at 4: I am married to a sugar momma, a hot one at that: We too are coming into some serious cash next year…. We dont know exactly what to do with it. To all the rest: We will continue to tithe….

June 7, at And I was one of them…Last year in June I was a student part time and worked overnights 6 days a wk hauling jet fuel at the local airport.

I was blessed on Sept. I won the state Powerball locally. Instintly I was a multi-millionaire. I was very overwhelmed for about 3 months.

Then decided to turn in the ticket and collect.For instance, if you live in an expensive city for your job, your cost of living and commuting will be much higher. Plus, how much money do you spend on clothes you wear at work?

Everyone interested in how much money Sindre has, please get a life. The original question was fine, since I too wanted to know how he happens to pay his bills and stuff while doing full time open source, but it's not really about how much money he has at any given moment and why are y'all so . How much money you'll receive if you qualify for disability benefits will depend on whether your application was for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). You can also find percent down payment and percent down payment loans. All three of these types of loans involve private mortgage insurance, or PMI. As time goes on, the push will be for a minimum 20 percent down payment.

Suits, dresses, shoes? It’s all money that you usually wouldn’t spend. There are generational differences to the answers, as Bloomberg grupobittia.coms reported $ million would make them comfortable and $ million would make them wealthy, while Millennials said just $ million and $2 million, respectively.

For example, say someone gives you $20, in one year, and you and the giver are both single. The giver must file a gift tax return, showing an excess gift of $6, ($20, – $15, exclusion = $5,). Maximize Your Money.

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About how much money do you

Bankrate has answers. Our experts have been helping you master your money . When you say you currently earn $65,, they might think they can't afford you or assume you wouldn't be willing to take a pay cut, and therefore decide not to move forward with you as a candidate.

Jul 20,  · Start saving as much money as you can today, so at least you can get on the right path toward building a secure nest egg. Over time, increase that amount, so you .

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