An overview of the silence and the light in the art of architectural design

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An overview of the silence and the light in the art of architectural design

Chiasma is indeed a scientific term indicating the intersection of filaments, such as optic nerves, in anatomy and the exchange of genetic material between two chromosomes in genetics.

An overview of the silence and the light in the art of architectural design

Why this quite uncommon world, dubbed Kiasma in Finnish, has also become the name of the museum itself becomes evident when examining it a bit closer. This attitude is particularly evident at the Kiasma, where contribution and participation to activities by the public, by children especially, is strongly encouraged.

Nordic countries light differs from that of any other place: Thus the core of the building, a narrow internal space dominated by the long curved ramp connecting the lobby with the exhibition galleries, would be very dark if not illuminated by a glass ceiling which provides a vertical illumination that, also due to the curved wall enclosing the space, dramatically evolves during the times of the day.

In general, from the outside, the building appears as a long regular strip, while internally it reveals a complex and articulated sequence of spaces, different in height, dimension and shape, often overlooking on one another and sometimes opening the view toward the wide urban panorama bordering the western side of the museum.

There are early sketches where the two inter-crossing figures are both straight indeed, but the physical and historical constraints of the site eventually led to two different shapes, one curve and one linear.

The museum reopens in Marchwith three exhibitions; a retrospective on Robert Mapplethorpe, an exhibition inspired to the elements of nature and one dedicated to portraiture.Peter wants the audience to look into a more holistic design approach that includes nature, emotion, movement and silence.

You should enjoy an appreciation for the proper use of darkness and how powerful it can be in its own right.

An overview of the silence and the light in the art of architectural design

Between Silence and Light. Goal Create a weekend living environment that nourishes family life in a calmness of the seasons and the silence of an island's light.

Challenge Design for a narrow lot on the environmentally-sensitive shore of Puget Sound with no space for a conventional septic system. architectural design & project management. History of Italian Renaissance Art, 7th Edition [Frederick Hartt, David Wilkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

For survey courses in Italian Renaissance art. A broad survey of art and architecture in Italy between c. and Designing With Light: The Art, Science, and Practice of Architectural Lighting Design is a comprehensive introduction to the intelligent use of lighting to define and enhance a space. The book explores all aspects of the process, including aesthetics, technology, and practicalities, in a clear, concise manner designed to provide the reader with a full working knowledge of lighting design.


Each chapter begins with a discussion of specific examples from architecture, art, literature, film, science, and philosophy in which the specific aspect of light being discussed has been used. This is followed by a series of case studies in which Plummer analyzes contemporary buildings.

Trained in interior design, Kale is president of Ann Kale Associates, an architectural lighting design firm dedicated to enhancing the architectural and landscape environment by making light an integral and exceptional part of the design formula.

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