Connecting da dots

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Connecting da dots

On this talk show I will present my views about the causes of migraines. The talk show invites advance emailed-in questions to email oneradionetwork. If you are in Austin, Texas, you can listen on the radio.

Migraine Brain as a Survival Advantage For a while we have known that the human body contains approximately 20 thousand genes, although this number seems to be a moving target as technology improves.

The latest studies have reduced it to 19 thousand. From the 19 thousand, so far genes have been associated with migraines.

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Could it be that migraine at one time in human history provided a survival advantage? A benefit that helped those endowed with this set of genes to survive?

It has not been bred out of human populations over the millennia of our evolution. Health conditions disadvantageous for survival normally get deleted from our genome. There are many examples for this in nature.

Greenland InuitCanadian Inuit and the Native American populations all have glucose simple sugar into which all carbohydrates, including fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and some percent of proteins convert intolerance genes.

Fructose a sweet substance that is approximately half of table sugar; found in fruits, vegetables, and syrups like honey, maple syrup, and of course high fructose corn syrup can also be problematic.

Many of us are born without the necessary enzymes to absorb fructose. The inability to digest sugar can cause diarrhea. I am not the first one to ask this question. Now returning to migraine: The cause of migraines is not the pain—the pain is one of many symptoms.

Just like medicating children to be able to eat an ice cream makes little sense, so is medicating migraine pain by blocking certain brain functions makes little sense.

That is the only thing that the medicines are able to do and they are dished out to migraineurs like candy. Propranolol blocks cardiac and neuronal voltage-gated sodium channelsTopamax blocks voltage gated calcium and sodium channelsAmitriptyline blocks or initiates many channels out of sync, causing major heart damage and sometimes death.

Would we put ourselves at these types of risks in order to be able to eat a piece of sugar if we lacked the enzymes to digest them? I think the real problem is the lack of understanding of the true nature of migraines.

Migraines and Salt Migraine starts with prodromes that are signals of an impending migraine. These prodromes precede a cascade of events that lead to the pain, which starts with the initiation of an alarm status that leads to fight-or-flight from danger.

A migraineur can easily be triggered into a migraine by noise, odor, a specific light intensity, and even taste that is above or below the norm. Migraineurs have hyper sensory organ sensitivities 1more sensory neuronal connections than the norm 2and this is how perfume can trigger a migraine because that scent is above the norm.

A migraineur will start a migraine unless voltage is re-established. Migraineurs use more voltage 3, 4 as a result of the more sensitive sensory organs. Since more voltage use requires more salt, migraineurs need to consume more salt sodium chloride. Migraineurs tend to pass more sodium in their urine as a result 5.

The modern Western diet is forever reducing its salt recommendation for the general population, ignoring that a large percent of that population needs more salt than what is recommended.

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Migraines and Sugar Another factor is sugar. While there is no academic research on migraineurs lacking enzyme to absorb fructose or that they are genetically lacking glucose absorption although there are many research papers hinting at their possibilities—here is a review of someit seems, based on the several thousand migraineurs I studied, that migraineurs are either sugar intolerant or are hyper sensitive to sugar —and all forms of carbohydrates.Swiss Confederation, Swiss Universities, and Federal Institutes offer scholarships to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over other countries.

Connecting the Dots: Exponential Rise of Terrorism in Pakistan.

Connecting da dots

Written after December 16, , this opinion piece is about the rise of terrorism in Pakistan as a consequence of Pakistan’s.

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~ Gunny G! January 8, Gunny G Leave a comment Go to comments. Coming to America: One Invader Every 27 Seconds, Unless You Wake-Up. Nov 27,  · Connecting the Dots So, after quite a while, I was once again checking out the website of The Dawn because somebody asked me about it.

And no, I don't mean Dawn as in the newspaper; in fact, I think the Dawn Media Group once even threatened, or at least contemplated threatening, them with legal action (I have no idea what became of it).

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