Cowgirl chocolates 4 essay

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Cowgirl chocolates 4 essay

Advertising Her product development was based on the input of her friends and family, which represents a skewed and too small sample of the population. In addition, Marilyn is cutting out the biggest portion of her target market by naming her product Cowgirl Chocolates and making the brand label May Lillie.

Therefore, the branding is not appealing to men, which constitute the biggest portion of her target market. Before spending money on advertising, a target market has to be defined and the proper channels to reach that target market. Advertising without a clearly defined target market is inefficient and wastes company resources.

Cowgirl Chocolates lack the resources to become a large company they desire to become.

Financially Cowgirl Chocolate does not have the resources to operate at full potential. This lack of funds give little to no room for promotional activity, a product that is as unique as spicy chocolates needs to have promotional abilities.

Cowgirl chocolates 4 essay

Staff resources are minimal; Marilyn is the main source of production of her company. She does everything by herself, from the packaging and shipping the product to design and making the chocolate.

Cowgirl Chocolates Case Essay Sample

This leaves Marilyn little time to expand to bigger ideas and meet with possible investors. She is devoting her time to the tedious work required to produce the product. Positioning of her product is the key to its success. Another problem is the distribution channels that the company uses.

The lack of sales deterred Seattle Chocolates from agreeing to manage the wholesale operations for Cowgirl Chocolates. However, the company is lacking a clear understanding of where the product should be sold, and which distribution channel will bring the greatest sales.

Marylin does not have the expertise and connections in distribution to gain product placements in stores. Marylin is currently trying to perform all tasks that a wholesaler would do such as promotion, negotiation, matching, physical distribution and risk taking.

A wholesaler would perform those tasks better, cheaper, and more efficient and effective than Marylin ever could. One example of this is Marylin not being paid for her chocolates by a local vendor and having them returned after months.

Although the Cowgirl Chocolates website is responsible for a third of total sales, it lacks crucial features.

The website does not have the ability to track repeat customers and does not know how customers found her website.

Although Marilyn advertises on other websites and portals there is no tracking and she does not know how effective each channel is, and how many customers it brings to the site.


There is no knowledge what search terms customers that found her site were using.Great writing 4 great essays 3rd edition answer key Allard law admissions essay phd essay, How to write the introduction of an analysis essay shlomith rimmon kenan concepts of narrative essay?

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Western blot analysis can detect your protein of interest from a mixture of a great number of. Cowgirl Chocolates Case Essay Sample. 1.

Jun 17,  · A definition essay requires you to write your own definition of a word. The definition must be thorough and well supported by research and evidence. You may have to write a definition essay for a class or try it as a writing challenge to help improve your English skills. Start by selecting and %(6). Marketing Plan for Cowgirl Chocolates Marketing Management —April 10, Executive Summary The marketing plan for Cowgirl Chocolates is currently based on project information in “” (Peter & Donnelly, , p. ) and available company information found in Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case Essay Words | 7 Pages. Situation Analysis Since the inception of a revolutionary spicy chocolate recipe, Marilyn Lysohir and Ross Coates have been striving to grow a profitable business in the chocolate industry.

Synopsis The case of Cowgirl Chocolates is about a small chocolate producer, Cowgirl Chocolates, and the businesses owner/artist Marilyn Lysohir dilemma with how and why her business venture wasn’t profitable.

Marketing Plan for Cowgirl Chocolates Marketing Management —April 10, Executive Summary The marketing plan for Cowgirl Chocolates is currently based on project information in “” (Peter & Donnelly, , p.

) and available company information found in Essay on Marketing Methods About Cadbury Chocolates Marketing methods about Cadbury chocolates Cadbury chocolates would like to introduce a new slimming chocolate bar onto the Australian market.

Cowgirl Chocolates Case | Essay Example