Desiree s baby irony

I enjoyed reading this and know exactly how you feel. It is all true, I had several miscarriages and these are the same feelings I had. Mel December 31, at 5: I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and my due date is what I remember the most.

Desiree s baby irony

By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. In fact, it just seemed to be a love story with race hardly coming into the picture. The race issue becomes more important once she enters the house.

Desiree s baby irony

Then little by little, there are clues given concerning the baby, which indicates that the baby is not white. After this the whole mood of the story changes.

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Irony also plays a big part of the story. Desiree is so shocked and heart-broken she sets off into a bayou with her child and is never seen again. The irony is that the letter Armand reads from his mother reveals that he is the one who is of mixed blood, not Desiree. Armand makes this mistake and decides to blame God for what he sees as something cruel placed upon him.

In the story Desiree is nearly portrayed as being white. In the end, the ironies in the story lead to the actual truth and show that Armand was in the wrong.

Then as it becomes obvious his baby has black ancestry, his attitude changes.

Desiree s baby irony

He should have known the risk of marrying her, but instead he lets the hate he has for a different race control the love he had towards his wife.

His actions towards Desiree, which has driven her to suicide leads the reader to believe that Armand had no idea that he is mixed with a different race. This is believable because Desiree was his true love and their child together made his love multiply.

He would have not burned all of her things or even allowed her to leave. Had he known can he still have this strong form of racism knowing his own mother was probably half black?

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It is highly unbelievable for a man who can fall in love with a woman at first sight. All that he has done with giving up his wife and child, and burning everything that reminded him of Desiree and the baby because of race and what other may think, had all come crashing in on him by the ironies of a letter.

Sims Memorial of Louisiana Lib.Irony in Desiree's Baby Situational irony: “Désirée’s Baby” represents an example of situational irony employed in a work of short fiction. Situational irony arises when an unexpected narrative event occurs in a way that upends the prior assumptions of the readers and the characters.

We carry hundreds of new top-quality products - Get More Bang For Your Buck! "Desiree's Baby" Kate Chopin. Kate Chopin is the authoress of "Deseree's Baby." She reached her creative peak in the late nineteenth century.

She wrote about issues that wouldn't take social focus until many years after her death. Situatinal Irony: Armand thinks that Desiree is part black and sends her and the baby away, when, in actuality. In "Desiree’s Baby," Kate Chopin uses irony throughout the whole story.

She used irony without the reader actually knowing what was going on, so that she could build up to the end and then you could understand the true irony in the situation.

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