Distance learning thesis

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Distance learning thesis

Internationally Accredited Degree Our PhD Islamic Finance degree is well-reputed and graduates are performing key roles in renowned institutions, worldwide. Why Become an Islamic Finance Scholar?

Distance learning thesis

The dissertation you work on will preserve the posterity of your creativity and contributions to the Islamic finance industry.

The PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance is carefully prepared to make it accessible to future scholars and researchers, for those who seek to consult it, and be a volume of which you can be proud.

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Supervision is provided throughout their PhD studies. Methods used to support the students includes email and video communication. Who May Enroll in this Program? However, for other graduates, Islamic banking diploma is a pre-requisite, which cover all the major areas in Islamic banking and finance.

I took my first step towards Islamic Finance in the year After completing my studies, I secured a good position in one of the leading Islamic banks. Life was very busy. But I was too ambitious my profession growth.

Initially, I found it hard to research and write. But the highly supportive staff including my understanding supervisor helped me and enhanced my confidence.

Distance education thesis

They gave me appreciation to achieve my PhD Islamic finance, and they combined that with a healthy dose of practical help. Moneem Abu Ali, Director Finance. PhD in Islamic finance is an ideal choice for those seeking key positions in:The completion of this thesis is a result of the exceptional support and sacrifice made by a number of organizations and individuals.

First, I would like to express my Distance learning is increasingly being adopted for instructional delivery by institutions of higher learning globally and in particularly Africa.

Distance Education Thesis

However, these. PhD Islamic Finance Distance Learning PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance. PhD Islamic finance is a research-based program that helps candidates to secure a high position at top tier organizations.

Composition: Linguistics via distance learning = 36 Academic credits + 18 Academic credits > Research methodology and final project or thesis. Payment plans are available upon request up to 24 monthly installments. Our distance learning PhDs offer a more flexible way to study for a research degree - allowing you to undertake a University of Leicester PhD wherever you are based in the world.

As with the campus based PhD, you will undertake a substantial research project that is written up as a thesis of 80, On the contrary, though, I am impressed with the quality of theses I have been examining recently, partly because of the quality of the students, partly because of the quality of the supervision, and partly because online learning and educational technology in general have matured as a field of study.

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