Essay library and its uses

The root-meaning of the word library is a room or building containing a collection of books for reading.

Essay library and its uses

A college or a school is judged from its library. A library is nothing but a collection of books magazines and paper. Books contain know ledged and a library contains books.

A library is the temple of knowledge and a boon to the people. It is the place where knowledge is preserved. A library forms a very important part of an educational institution. A college library provides the students with means for utilizing leisurely hours.

A library widens the knowledge of the students with new ideas and new thoughts. Every library has a reading room attached to it. It subscribes to many dailies and magazines and journals.

Easy essay on library and its uses

Readers read papers which present varying points of view. There are many uses of libraries. A library spreads knowledge.

The poor people, particularly poor students who cannot afford to purchase books, can make the best use of a library. They can borrow books and gather knowledge. Even rich men cannot have all the books and they also have to depend on the library. Secondly, the library inspires the students to develop a habit of reading books.

The reading room provides an atmosphere where every an wants to study the books. A reader remains in touch with the new discoveries, inventions and day-to-day matters of the world. The newspapers keep a reader in touch with what is happening in the world around him. Thirdly, a library not only spreads knowledge but also preserves it.

We can know about the past civilization and culture from the books which are kept in a library. Preservation of knowledge is essential for the progress of the country.

If the books are not preserved every generation will have to work from the very beginning. Thus a library does very useful service.A research library is most often an academic or national library, but a large special library may have a research library within its special field, and a very few of the largest public libraries also serve as research libraries.

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The library is that place, where is the huge amount of the books available for reading. There are the various subjects of books for reading to taking knowledge in free times.

A spirit of co. Essay on Library Uses and Importance – Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. Library is a place where there is huge collection of books and various other resources that are made accessible for reading and reference purpose. words essay on library and its uses. A Library is a heaven for a student, a teacher and of course for all those who are fond of reading.

library and its uses Introduction - Different kinds of libraries · Personal, public and institutional - importance of library -Conclusion.

The root-meaning of the word library is a room or building containing a collection of books for reading.

Essay library and its uses

A library is a collection of books on various subjects. A private library belongs to an individual. A public library is meant for the use of all people who pay subscription to it and are enrolled as members. There are also free public libraries.

A private library reflects the taste or the personal likes and dislikes of its owner. Here books are selected according to the owner’s judgment and.