Indoor golf simulator business plan

It is important to make sure that all the bases are covered — even the ones that may seem pretty basic. Ultimately the success of any entrepreneurial venture is in the details! I hope that you find this material informative and helpful as you begin the process of opening your indoor golf facility. Golf is a game that is simple and complex; easy to learn and yet impossible to master; and appeals to both young and old.

Indoor golf simulator business plan

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Our head to head leaderboard and user tracking software is a proprietary offering unique to indoor golf simulator business plan Fore Seasons Golf Center. It is similar to online gaming where customers register a username and profile which tracks their statistics, past performance, and allows them to enter online matches with players from other simulator units other locations once our franchising is launched in year 3 Tournaments and weekly leaderboards displaying the weeks best i.

This online persona, which is created by your own achievements, as opposed to fictitious ones present in the online gaming world, will motivate the customers to keep coming back to work on their virtual golf resume. Key Activities The key activities that will take place during regular operations of the Full Swing Golf Center will include: Daily maintenance - On the simulator units will be required.

The sensors are very sensitive to obstructions and to operate at optimal accuracy the sensor covers will need to be extremely clean.

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The screen, projector, and main computer also need to be checked regularly for any problems or repairs. Private Lessons — Our full time teaching professional will be available for one on one and group teaching sessions. The ability to mount video cameras, the instant statistical breakdown, and uninterrupted atmosphere are indicative to an excellent learning environment for the customers.

Administrative duties — Our facility is prone to severe customer lulls. This down time must be used by management to ensure all relevant administrative duties are complete. Initially, our founders will hold management roles at the facility to not only keep employees wage expenses down, but to also act as a method of internal control.

The cash flow situation and net revenues are tight in the first few years and any losses due to dishonest or incorrect book keeping will likely sink us. That is why we have chosen to ensure that those with internal responsibilities are also stakeholders in the business.

HeadHead Software — This offering will require extensive upkeep to ensure that the system runs well and the user interface is appealing to our customers. These simulators are state of the art and the best available on the market. They come with 67 virtual renditions of courses all over the world, with new course being added all the time.

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He has been golfing for 17 years, certified as a PGA of America teaching professional for 3 years, and certified as a CPGA teaching professional for 1 year. Having a teaching professional on staff makes us the only facility in Canada with a full time pro during the winter. He was also trained at the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix Arizona in golf course and pro shop management and he will be using that expertise as operating manager of the facility.

Pro Shop — Our fully stocked pro shop will offer equipment at all price points to our customers. Paired with our club customization service and free simulator analysis we will be able to tailor the customers equipment to their exact specifications.

Head to Head Software — Our head to head software with leaderboard and user tracking capabilities is a proprietary offering unique to the Fore Seasons Golf Center. It is similarto online gaming where customers register a username and profile which tracks their statistics, past performance, and allows them to enter online matches with players from other simulator units other locations once our franchising is launched in year 3 Tournaments and weekly leaderboards displaying the weeks best i.

indoor golf simulator business plan

Key Partners Our key partners will give us the edge we need to stay afloat during our first 5 years of operation. These key partnerships give us a great deal of added value to our offering that will set us apart from our competition, as well as any future competitors looking to enter the market.

The following are the 3 key partnerships that will allow us to gain a competitive advantage and offer the best possible experience to our customers. They are offering a rare leasing option in exchange for exclusive use to market their products on our premises free of charge.

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Their hope is to gain buyers of their residential golf simulators, which can be retrofitted as well as built custom into new homes. What Fore Seasons gets in return is the ability to rent their units for 5 year terms paying lease payments monthly.

Our partnership with WR Brewery will give us the ability to stock premium draft beer while having the ability to employ JIT inventory. They are located in Calgary and offer same day delivery.New and established businesses are now taking advantage of this incredible business model to add new revenue streams and become the forerunners of this new segment of the golf industry.

One of the fastest growing markets is rooted in the world of cutting edge golf simulators. Simulator Costs – We will be renting the simulators from Full Swing Golf for a term of 5 years. The rental costs for all 8 simulator units will be $6, per month for 60 months.

At the end of the 5 year lease we will have the option to purchase the simulators from . Mar 04,  · I would envision this facility having 5 aboutgolf simulators to use.

Would offer beer, wine, and lite food. I would assume most people would only come to play golf so I was thinking of only having a small bar(four chairs) and the rest of the facility being 5 sims and bathrooms small kitchen.

Indoor Golf Simulators by OptiGolf - Indoor Golf Innovators is the ultimate in indoor golf simulator technology. Our indoor golf simulators are manufactured in Australia and distributed worldwide. This indoor golf system is perfect as a business on its own or in an Indoor Golf Centre, for all sporting and social clubs, entertainment centres even .

The founders of Ace Indoor Golf have a combined experience of over 18 years in the indoor golf simulator industry.

They have installed over simulators in . Are curious about an indoor golf business; Imagine how fulfilling it could be; what is a business plan example business plan one page business plan business plan examples sba business plan business plan format example of a business plan business plan outline business plan template word.

indoor golf simulator business plan
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