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Middle East Business Report is a weekly half-hour programme covering business issues from the region Contact the programme on middleeastbiz bbc. Despite sitting on one tenth of the world's oil, the emirate is trying to promote itself as a pioneer for of clean energy. Its biggest project is Masdar, a sustainable, zero-carbon city that's attracting investment in the renewable energy sector to the region.

Middle east business report bbc weather

The value of the global medical robot market is expected to reach a value of USD Growth Factors In the Middle East, governments across the region have highlighted healthcare as a key focus area for the coming years, in the light of economic and demographic transitions in these countries. Investments to upgrade hospitals and clinics, build new facilities, and enforce mandatory health insurance schemes have all been made recently.

The Dubai Health Authority DHA was set up to ensure access to health services, maintain and improve the quality of those services, improve the health status of nationals, residents and visitors and oversee a dynamic, efficient and innovative health sector. The law stipulates that it is mandatory for every person on a Dubai residence visa to be provided with a basic health insurance policy, which is compliant with the DHA rules, regulations and guidelines.

Threats The lack of talented personnel required to operate and maintain the medical robots is a major concern. The internal political tension and also political relation of this region is a major factor which makes the market unstable.

The major challenge is the lack of infrastructure investment in the region. The sub-Saharan Africa is starved of electricity. Many households produce electricity themselves, which costs 50 cents for one kilowatt.

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Investors face a challenge in identifying and structuring bankable projects. The second challenge relates to government aptitude. They own the jurisdiction and the asset, so, they need to guide the regulations and concessions as well as kick-start the agreement.

middle east business report bbc weather

All too often, political agendas create hurdles for transactions. The third challenge is the lack of technical expertise. Topics Covered Chapter 2.

Competitive Landscape Chapter 5. Conclusion and Outlook For more information about this report visit https: Research and Markets PUB:About Us.

The Peninsula newspaper provides extensive news coverage, incisive analyses and trenchant commentary from around the world, but with firm roots and primary focus on life in Qatar.

The live coverage of the stocks/indices; follow-ups, analytical reports for the businessmen/women, investors and entrepreneurs in the dynamic, struggling and uprising Middle East is Watch Arabic business channel CNBC Arabia live from UAE.

World Business Report's wiki: World Business Report is a television business news programme produced by BBC News and shown on BBC World News and the BBC News channel on weekdays. The programme is broadcast 10 times daily Monday - Fridays. The main presenters of the pr. minute of every day BBC NEWS CHANNEL One-Minute World News News Front Page World UK Africa England Americas Northern Ireland Asia-Pacific Scotland Europe Wales Middle East Business South Asia Politics UK Health Business Education Health Science & Environment Technology.

This week's Middle East Business Report takes a look at cultural awareness and the fallout from the kissing row in Dubai. The programme also looks at the Dubai art market, a secret success in Syria and New Year in Iran. Trade Arabia is the leading portal for business information and trade news covering the Middle East and Arabian Gulf countries.

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