Monologue my first game

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Monologue my first game

But I can't talk nonsense about it. You see, it's all real to me. I've been shoved and bullied. I've had my arms twisted.

I've been made scream with pain in other ways. I've been flung into a filthy cell with a lot of other poor wretches as if I were a sack of coals being emptied into a cellar. And the only difference between me and the others was that I hit back.

And I did worse.

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I heard words that I didn't even know that I knew, coming out of my mouth just as if somebody else had spoken them. The policeman repeated them in court. The magistrate said he could hardly believe it. The policeman held out his hand with his two teeth in it that I knocked out.

I said it was all right; that I had heard myself using those words quite distinctly; and that I had taken the good conduct prize for three years running at school.

The poor old gentleman put me back for the missionary to find out who I was, and to ascertain the state of my mind. I wouldn't tell, of course, for your sakes at home here; and I wouldn't say I was sorry, or apologize to the policeman, or compensate him or anything of that sort.

The one thing that gave me any satisfaction was getting in that smack on his mouth; and I said so. So the missionary reported that I seemed hardened and that no doubt I would tell who I was after a day in prison.

So now you see I'm not a bit the sort of girl you thought me. I'm not a bit the sort of girl I thought myself. And I don't know what sort of person you really are, or what sort of person Father really is.

I wonder what he should say or do if he had an angry brute of a policeman twisting his arm with one hand and rushing him along by the nape of his neck with the other. He couldn't whirl his leg like a windmill and knock a policeman down by a glorious kick on the helmet.

Oh, if they'd all fought as we two fought we'd have beaten them.The game in East Lansing was my first time at Michigan State even though I went to college in the Big Ten at Illinois. Honestly, it’s too long ago to remember anything significant about the trip.

The Private Eye Monologue is characterized by certain pronunciation and speech patterns that make it immediately recognizable and utterly cool. the story ended up mixing third person prose and first person monologue.

Also parodied in the first game as Max, while in a drug-induced dream, receives a phone-call from himself, where the. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM A monologue from the play by William Shakespeare.

Monologue my first game

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A Monologue from the television show Game of Thrones by David Benioff