The prince and the servant

R4v3n Kn1ght The King of Terra summons two graduates to give them some counsel before they set out among the stars. He tells them of a history - and a romance - from Terra's past that inspired the change that allowed these two graduates to sit before him to receive it.

The prince and the servant

Harry Potter, an orphaned servant with repressed magic living with his cruel step-family, literally crashes into the prince of his kingdom, Draco Malfoy.

Little does he know that this stuck-up, filthy-rich pansy will forever change his miserable life. Thank you for taking the time to click on this fanfiction.

The prince and the servant

He had been eight years old. He remembered the rain, and the way it felt like the world was ending. Harry awoke to the frantic ringing of bells chiming from where they had been mounted on the stone wall of the chilly kitchen.

The bell continued to chime as Harry sat up and dragged himself out of bed. He knocked on the door a few times, trying and failing to tune out the obnoxious orders being shouted at him from all different directions. Sometimes Harry felt as if these people forgot that he barely possessed the ability to use magic.

Well, unless that fact was being used to belittle him. Harry had been called every bad name in the book by his step family: Squib, muggle, and even a mudblood despite the fact that he was none of the above. Harry gave Dudley a grudging grunt of assent before stalking back to his room.

He loathed Dudley and Uncle Vernon, absolutely abhorred them with every fiber of his being. Harry longed to be free of his servitude; but if he stepped even one toe out of line Vernon would cast him out to live on the streets.

And then where would he be? He was worse than a muggleborn, even worse than a squib or muggle; he was a wizard who had lost his magic.

The criminals and highwaymen living on the street would eat him alive. His soft footfalls on the carpeted floors of the manor made his creaking steps down the wooden stairs leading to the kitchen sound even louder.

Would he have been respected by Vernon and Dudley? Harry shook his head in an attempt to snap himself out of it. Whether he liked it or not this was his life, and there was little he could do other than grin and bear it. The only activity Harry sometimes looked forward to these days was his daily trip to the marketplace.

He lived in a large city and most people knew little of his lack of magic, earning him the treatment of an actual human being.Prince Joron of Blade Rain was kissed by a man he had no idea was King Aric of Claymoor Doom.

Of course King Aric had no idea the one he kissed was even a man s This is now only available under the book title of "Ice Dragon Tales" which is the combined books of both "The Servant Prince" and "The Servant /5. the prince and the servant The servant and the prince were like two peas in a pod even though the prince was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the servant was born with chicken feed.

The king had a very hard time with that because he was a fat cat. A prince from the neighboring kingdom heard the news and decided at once to go and visit. “This girl may be just what I am looking for,” he told his parents.

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He took his servant, packed his things, and headed toward the land-of-the-singing-girl. The Prince and the Servant There is a great city in the land of Albion – indeed, its capital – called Camelot, that is the marvel of the medieval world.

Stories of this fair city, with its formidable walls and tall spires, and its magnificent palace and bustling town, have been told far and wide throughout the land of Albion.

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The prince and the servant

Chapter 1: The Prince's Servant. "DADDY DADDY DADDY READ ME AND PAPA A BED TIME STORY!" said a little girl with shining snow white hair, blue eyes with green circles around the pupils, and a tannish complexson.

The Servant Prince (Ice Dragon Tales, #1) by Hurri Cosmo