Thesis statement on suicide bombers

It shall provide a brief historical background of how the FARC, a leftist guerrilla group, and the Chechen insurgency movement ascended into prominence during civil conflicts in Colombia and Chechnya respectively. It will discuss how many women in both countries would pursue a different form of activism and defy patriarchal norms by engaging in acts of violence in the name of their insurgent groups as a way to improve the political situation and establish social justice within their states. This paper will investigate the similarities and differences regarding the FARC guerrilla group recruitment of female combatants and the Chechen insurgent group recruitment of female suicide bombers. It will also analyze the motivations that prompted Colombian women to join FARC and Chechen women to become suicide bombers.

Thesis statement on suicide bombers

Thesis statement on suicide bombers

If an individual were to abandon these norms, others will criticize the individual for doing so. To learn and understand these social norms, social interaction is very important. This also applies to suicide bombers.

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Some counties, believe that these deviant acts are justified in the Middle East and used to achieve political goals. History of Suicide Attacks The history on the use of suicide attacks by terrorist dates back to ancient times.

Terrorist suicide attacks are not a new method but are a very old method of operation. Before the late nineteenth century, suicide attackers used hand weapons to kill their victims in public places to assure publicity of their act. In World War 2, suicide attacks called Kamikaze were incorporated by the Japanese Empire, when a pilot crashes the plane into a target, as a way of showing pride and honour for the Empire.

After the invention of dynamite in the late nineteenth century, terrorists began using bombs in their attacks. This method of attack made it easier for terrorists to achieve their goals. For example, with the old method of using hand weapons, the suicide attacks got harder when the target had some sort of protection.

However, with the new method of using bombs, even if the target has protection, the suicide bomber only has to get the target within the blast radius and blow up. Hence, suicide attacks using bombs made it easier for terrorists to achieve their goals.

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Psychopathology Although psychopathology was not a criminological or sociological theory learned in class, it was still the first well-known explanation proposed. Psychologist introduced psychopathology because of an incident that involved a suicide bombing on the U.

Marine barrack in Beirut inwhich a sole survivor saw the face of the bomber Brym, With such claims, destined suicide bombers were interviewed and reconstruction of the biographies of successful suicide bombers does not show a higher rate of psychopathology than the general population Brym, To support this statement, a study was conducted of all suicide bombers between andand found not a single case of depression, psychosis, past suicide attempts, and so forth Brym, Evidence collected by other experts actually shows that recruits were pulled out if they displayed signs of pathological behaviour for the organizational security Brym, Hence, the explanation of suicide bombers based on psychopathology is no help to understand the rise of suicide bombing in the world.

From this perspective, the actions of suicide bombers are caused by extreme deprivation, either absolute or relative. Presumably, some people are driven to commit self-destructive acts of aggression against the known source of their suffering because of their deprivation Brym, However, evidence collected does not support the deprivation theory.

Between and30 percent of Arab suicide bombers were more educated than the general populations and typically a working middle class person Brym, Ashraf was 18 years old and already had a job, a car and an apartment, which are desired by others in Darnah Brym, However, in the summer ofAshraf went to Iraq without telling his family Brym, Clash of Civilization The third explanation is also not a theory learned in class like psychopathology; however is relevant to explaining suicide bombers.

The explanation that focused on the individual characteristics began to fray in the late s because of the lack of evidence to support them Brym, Nor is there any connection between Islam and suicide bombers; these deviant acts are actually outside the cultural norms of Islamic people Brym, Differential Association In the late s, analyzes on suicide attacks started to shift, which scholars began to view suicide attacks as strategically rational political action Brym, Pape concluded that every suicide campaign since the early s has shared one objective, which was to press a foreign state to withdraw its military forces and policies from their homeland Brym, Suicide groups in the Middle East act in violence because of their disapproval of the foreign policies and military enforced on their homeland Brym, For example, the city of Darnah had two major incidents in the past, the battle of with the United States and the death of Omar al-Mukhtar, Muslim holy warrior, from the Italian army during World War 2 Peranio, When Peranio visited Darnah, he noticed that the cult of Omar al-Mukhtar was more visible throughout the city than the president of Libya and the hatred towards the Americans still existed.

Thesis statement on suicide bombers

Peranio later discovers that the residents of Darnah viewed the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, as the same image as their hero, Omar al-Mukhtar. With already the bad relationship from before, when the Americans attacked Iraq and executed of Saddam, the people of Darnah were outraged with the Americans.

Brym found the great majority of the suicide attacks in Israel were reactive causes from Palestinians.FEMALE SUICIDE BOMBERS: DESPERATION OR WEAPON OF CHOICE? THE CASE OF PALESTINE A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of The School of Continuing Studies.

- Islamic suicide bombers are a part of one of the few cultures who view suicide as an honorable and logical decision, but the majority of people recognize suicide as a horrific tragedy.

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To support this statement, a study was conducted of all suicide bombers between and , and found not a single case of depression, psychosis, past suicide attempts, and so forth (Brym, ). Female Suicide Bombers Name of Student Institution affiliation Female Suicide Bombers Justification for the Use of Women in Suicide Terrorism Over the decades there has been a rise in the rate of use of female suicide bombers by many terrorist groups.

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