Way of the peaceful warrior essay essay

Posted on September 30, by Scott Alexander [Content warning: Try to keep this off Reddit and other similar sorts of things. All the townspeople want to forgive him immediately, and they mock the titular priest for only being willing to give a measured forgiveness conditional on penance and self-reflection. They lecture the priest on the virtues of charity and compassion.

Way of the peaceful warrior essay essay

The book is an interesting mixture of the everyday and the metaphysical, describing various stages the author goes through in order to reach the goal of "unreasonable" happiness. The author begins his narration by depicting his departure from home for college.

It is during his first college year that he meets Socrates and begins a journey that would last the rest of his lifetime.

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When viewed from the psychological and theoretical perspective, several theories can be applied to the author's experiences.

Such theories and concepts, Way of the peaceful warrior essay essay named by Gerald Corey's I never Knew I had a Choice, include the concept of eustress, the psychosocial theory, the concept of medicationthe systemic perspective, and theories surrounding grief and loss.

What makes Millman's book powerful is the fact that each individual reader can find elements in the events to identify with. Although few people could claim to have met a character who could move as fast as Socrates when he jumped on the roof of the gas station office, the reactions of the narrator are entirely human and can be identified with easily.

Throughout the book, the narrator is on a very particular spiritual journey, throughout which he is helped both by Socrates, his own inner strength, and the loved ones who surround him. Being presented with these experiences, the reader also then has the potential to recognize the spirituality of his or her own journey, as well as the meaning that could be attached to both painful and joyous experiences.

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The first significant event in the book is Danny's journey away from his parental home to enter college. He correctly notes that "life begins," and he is expected, for the first time, to take responsibility for his own life.

His life soon falls into a routine, with classes in the morning and gym in the afternoons, where he trains his gymnastic skills to competitive excellence. He does not enjoy the intellectual part of his college life much, and notes that he "tolerates" the classes in the morning while looking forward to his intense physical training sessions.

In this, one might apply the principle of eustress, which is a favorable type of stress that challenges the human being to find creative solutions to problems. Danny creatively responds to the situation of having to sit through classes by expending a large amount of energy during his gym sessions.

The classes on the other hand give him an opportunity to make friends like Suzie. Social interaction does not come as easily to him as developing his physical body.

Hence both the intellectual and social aspect of the classes provide Danny with a platform from which to develop his dormant abilities as a human being. Furthermore, at this point Danny responds to the challenges of life with a positive and even jovial attitude.

He knows that his gymnastic scholarship is more important to him than his studies, but on the other hand he understands that poor performance in either would result in a waste of his talents.

In my own life, there are many dichotomies like this, where I would really prefer to be involved in one thing when I am obliged to do something that I like somewhat less.

Once such example is the fact that I enjoy hiking. My obligations to my studies and home life do not allow me to get out into the open as often as I might wish.

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Often I am for example faced with chores when I would rather be out hiking. On more than one occasion, I have allowed this to cause me considerable unhappiness. Millman's book however taught me that human life is often a series of challenges that we don't always enjoy. By meeting these with a positive attitude, we allow the challenges to shape and develop us into better human beings.

My studies for example will provide me with the background I need to one day get my dream job. The fact that I have to do chores helps me to develop responsibility and to keep my environment clean. When I have a home of my own, this quality will doubtlessly serve me well.

Also, when we approach things we do not normally like from the perspective of growth and advantage, it is much easier to in fact enjoy these experiences, and making life more meaningful.

If we understand that everything contributes to our spiritual journey, it feels much easier to accept those things we are simply obliged to do. We may not have a choice about what we want to do, but we do have a choice how to react and use our creativity to make the experience work in our favor.

A very interesting turning point in Millman's book is where he begins to have dreams of Death beckoning him. He experiences these dreams as bad omens in an otherwise perfect life, where the narrator's worst problems relate to tolerating classes he does not particularly enjoy.

The dreams fill him with fear that he may be heading for a type of disaster.The Peaceful Warrior SYNOPSIS: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a book by Dan Millman where he talks about his journey from being a self absorbed and ambitions gymnast to a peaceful warrior who learned to be happy by simply allowing life to take its course.

The Plight of the Peaceful Warrior. Meenal - Camarillo, California. Entered on March 1, choosing peace is anything but peaceful and it definitely is not the easy way out.

First, it requires me to step up and do things that I never believed possible, and that requires courage. I never thought I could stand up for myself, but the choice. Write my Paper on Book analysis ” Way of the Peaceful Warrior” what kind of person is Dan in the beginning?

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show exactly how a mentor changes him. show how those mentors and initiation into true manhood compare to Dan′s mentor and initiation. FAITH | LEARNING | COMMUNITY. In the way of Jesus, St Joseph’s Catholic High School aspires to respect and celebrate the dignity of all.

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Way of the peaceful warrior essay essay

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Way of the peaceful warrior essay essay
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