Write all factors of 42

A factor is any number that divides evenly into another number. There are rules of divisibility that greatly assist one in finding factors by hand.

Write all factors of 42

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In any multiplication, the numbers that are multiplied are called factors and the result is called a product.. So, since 6 × 7 = 42, 6 and 7 are factors of From this multiplication fact we can write two divisions: 42 ÷ 6 = 7 and 42 ÷ 7 = 6. Thus, we find that the factors of 12 are: 3, 4, 2, 6, 1 and Exploring factors in this way will lead to the discovery that some numbers can be made into more than one array (that is; composite numbers), and some numbers can only be represented by one-row arrays (that is; prime numbers). Factors. A factor is a number that can evenly be divided into another number. Any number can be divided by one and itself. Numbers that can only be divided by .

Sum of Factors Hi, adm -- I assume you mean a formula for finding the sum of the factors of a given number. Yes, there is a formula, or perhaps it should be called an algorithm.

It is difficult to put it into the form of a formula, but the process is easy to understand. Let's look at a relatively simple example to understand how the "formula" works.

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Consider the number Its factors are 1 2 3 6 9 18 The sum of these factors is We will find a way to find this sum using the prime factorization of the number without finding all the factors and adding them together.

The first factor in the expression on the right is the sum of the powers of 2 up to the first power; the second factor is the sum of the powers of 3 up to the second power as is easily seen in the preceding line.

When we multiply these two expressions together, we get terms which consist of exactly every possible combination of powers of 2 from 0 to 1 and powers of 3 from 0 to 2. But those combinations are exactly the factors of the original number. So the process for finding the sum of all the factors of the number consists of the following steps: Here are a couple of more examples Please write back if you have any further questions about any of this.

More power to you.Best way to find all factors of a given number.

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Ask Question. up vote 30 I'd rather write elegant code first, and optimize for performance later, after testing my software. / i) % 1 == 0, then i is a factor, as is the quotient of number / i. Put one or both of these in a list, and you have all of the factors. share | improve this answer.

5. Find the factors of (limit to 5 factors only) a. 12 b. 36 c. 42 d. 6. What are the common factors of 12 and 24?

Factors of Factors of Write down all the numbers which have 7 as a factor: _____ Factors & Multiples - Grade 4. (ix) A prime number has only two factors. (x) Every multiple of a number is exactly divisible by the number.

Answers for the worksheet on factors and multiples are given below. Use tiles to find all the factors of the product. Record the arrays on grid paper and write the factors shown. 1.

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15 2. 30 3. 45 4. 19 Brooke has to set up 70 chairs in equal rows for the class talent show. But, there is 42 4. 66 Bryson buys a bag of 64 plastic miniature dinosaurs. Could he distribute them. Question: Write 42 and 63 as products of their prime factors please explain simple defintion.

write 42 and 63 as products of their prime factors please explain simple defintion.

Decompose all numbers into prime factors Multiple of a Number A number is a multiple of n if it is the product of a counting number and n. Recognizing the patterns for multiples of 2, 5, 10, and 3 will be helpful to you as you continue in this course.
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Prime Numbers Year 9 Interactive Maths - Second Edition Factors of a Number If a number can be expressed as a product of two whole numbers, then the whole numbers are called factors of that number.

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write all factors of 42

These are all the factors of 21, and every entry in the list can divide 21 without rest (modulo 0). That’s why the terms factors and divisors of 21 can be used interchangeably. As is the case for any natural number greater than zero, the number itself, here 21, as well as 1 are factors and divisors of

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